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  5. OxyBac Foam Wash Perfume Free [1.2 L x 3]

OxyBac Foam Wash Perfume Free [1.2 L x 3]

Code: 467162000
Broad spectrum antimicrobial rich-cream foam hand wash. Where to use: Any food manufacturing & processing, food service & catering environment. Case of 3 x 1.2L
Case of 3
OxyBac Foam Wash Perfume Free [1.2 L x 3]

A highly effective, perfume-free and dye-free broad spectrum antimicrobial foam hand wash. Contains Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® to clean hands and kill 99.999% of many common bacteria and 99.99% of many common yeast and viruses when used as directed. For general use hand washing in food, catering & healthcare environments, or any other workplace, social care or public facility where a high level of hand hygiene is required. Case of 3 x 1.2L

Manufacturer SC Johnson Professional Manufacturer Code OXY12LTF

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