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Polyco Finite HD [50] 30 cm Gloves
Code: 467061
Finite® HD is a blue nitrile, powder free disposable glove compliant to European Standard EN374 (Category III- Complex Design), providing effective splash protection against a wide spectrum of hazardous substances. The Finite® HD is thicker than a standard disposable glove, offering the choice of use as a heavy duty disposable or a lightweight re-usable glove.
Pack of 50
Product Details
Polyco Finite HD [50] 30 cm Gloves

Its unique nitrile formulation, with tensile strength able to withstand the rigours of continuous use, is soft and sensitive enough for use as a disposable. Nitrile contains none of the proteins found in natural rubber thus eliminating protein sensitisation. The 30cm cuff provides additional protection to the forearm and is beaded, enhancing strength and preventing liquid roll back.

Manufacturer Polyco Manufacturer Code FHD50