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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyser
Code: 468479
Entry level fuel cell breathalyser with outstanding accuracy and functionality.
Product Details
AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyser

Entry level fuel cell breathalyser with unrivalled accuracy and functionality.

- 64mm2 Fuel Cell Sensor – smaller version of Police sensor.

- Almost twice as accurate as award winning AlcoSense Elite.

- Works with any drink drive limit in the world

- Prompts and instructions on screen and a simple and easy to use menu system.

- Detailed, Easy to Understand Results.

- Industry leading calibration period of 12 months from the first time you use it. AlcoSense Excel reminds you to recalibrate after 11 months of use.

- AlcoSense Excel will alert you if the unit goes outside its operating range (note the operating temperature is the temperature of the unit, not the surrounding air temperature) of 5°C~40°C.

- Saturation protection - When a breath test is performed shortly after drinking when alcohol is still present in the mouth, the sensor can be overloaded, known as “saturation”. Readings taken after a saturation event can be unreliable until the sensor recovers. For your safety and protection AlcoSense Excel will enter a protection mode which allows the sensor to recover before allowing further tests.

Manufacturer AlcoSense Manufacturer Code ALC-EXCEL