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Oil Absorbent Granules 20 Litre Bag
Code: 461672
Abso’Net Multisorb is an agent of large light-grey coloured granules, and high absorption power, obtained from high quality alganite.
Product Details
Oil Absorbent Granules 20 Litre Bag

For its use, this product presents the following advantages:

  • Good absorbent performance.
  • It leaves surfaces safe, clean and dry and open for traffic after the absorption of the spills.
  • It does not discompose after absorption.
  • Product resistant to abrasion when it is subjected to mechanical stress.
  • Very little emission of dust. Good performance with most liquids (except acids).
  • Lightweight product to transport and in its use.

The qualities and properties of Abso’Net Multisorb permit its use in demanding conditions, especially for the following users: service stations, garages, road and motorway maintenance companies, airports, service companies, cleaning companies, railway stations, transport companies, emergency equipment, firemen, army, etc.

Manufacturer Tolsa Manufacturer Code PTABMU2020
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