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JSP Roadbloc 1m White [2]
Code: 468884
JSP Roadbloc 1m White. Pack of 2
Pack of 2
Product Details
JSP Roadbloc 1m White [2]

JSP Roadbloc 1m White. Water tight plug which facilitates easy filling and drainage of water rather than sand. 45º hinge connection means Roadbloc can swivel at its connection point up to 45º to enable 8 systems to form a circle or‘mini roundabout’. The hinge connector also allows each unit to be tilted at an angle whilst still connected - ideal for use across uneven terrain. They can also be stacked very conveniently. Stacks of 20 RoadBlocs™ supplied securely banded. Space to emboss contractors name, logo etc. High quality reflective can be added for increased visibility. Pack of 2

Manufacturer JSP Manufacturer Code KAV030-000-100