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Introducing the NEW Honeywell VeriPro software - Accurately measure if your earplugs are doing their job!
For decades, studies in the workplace have shown that hearing protectors can be easily misused. For some users, real-world attenuation is quite often less than the published attenuation. But for other users, the fit of the hearing protector is adequate for good protection. But who is who? Determining which workers have poor fit, before it turns into a noise-induced hearing loss, is critical to the success of a Hearing Conservation Program.

VeriPRO®’s three-part process checks the effectiveness of an employee’s earplug fit in each ear over a range of frequencies. This information is then captured in individual reports, accessible by the safety manager.

The VeriPRO® test is not a traditional hearing test. Instead, it utilises the user’s ability to balance sound levels from the right to left ear, both with and without their earplugs. This process, called “Loudness-Balance,” determines the Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) achieved in each ear.

Once each test is completed, the user’s results are stored in the VeriPRO® software database and processed into a simple report. This report captures individual PAR data for each ear, along with Safe Exposure Level and Protected Exposure Level data. These can be saved as a PDF or exported as CSV files for use in external databases for additional analysis.

Honeywell VeriPRO®
Honeywell VeriPRO®
Honeywell VeriPRO®


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