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Whether it's structural or non-structural adhesives, bonding tapes, or reclosable fasteners, 3M solutions ensure speed, convenience and ease of use. No matter what you need to bond, you can count on 3M's expertise and technologies to help you find solutions.

What can 3M™ Adhesive and Tapes do for your product and process?

Build strong., durable products - From repositionable to permanent, 3M has an adhesive or tape that can be readily matched to the substrates and stress characteristics needed in the joint.

Improve appearance and aesthetics - 3M adhesives and tapes are generally hidden between the bonded substrates, offering nearly invisible fastening.

Build products with a continuous bond line - Adhesives and tapes uniformly distribute stress along the entire joint. Nuts, bolts, and other fasteners concentrate stress at a point that can decrease the physical properties of the substrates being assembled. Many 3M adhesives and tapes will provide a strong bond but are also an effective seal against dirt, dust, water, and other environmental conditions.

Wider material selection for assemblies - 3M adhesives and tapes bond to a wide range of substrates from metals, wood, glass, plastics, and ceramics. This includes "hard to bond" low surface energy materials.

For every great design, there's a great 3M product. 3M adhesives and tapes for cleaner, stronger, longer-lasting results.